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From Teachers and Parents


“Thanks for a great show last week! Kids really enjoyed your presentation”- T.P., Prospect Park


“I just wanted to thank you again for your visit on Friday. Both presentations were perfect for our children! They had a lot of fun and learned a lot…”  - Eileen, Harris School


“Thank you so much for all you did to make the program so wonderful and enjoyable for the students. They really enjoyed the play and the trunk show”- Melissa, Coeburn Elementary


“ Thank you so much for coming to Fatima on Thursday. The students really enjoyed the presentation and making the five star flag. They all carried them home that day- so proud of them”- Nancy, Our Lady Fatima


“Thank you so much for coming today to explain the Passport to history program to us. We also really like learning how to fold a five pointed star just like Betsy Ross”- Terry, Indian Lane Elementary


“I am writing to tell you that we have been participating in the PPH program for six years now. I think it is a fantastic program geared to getting students excited about their local history…Right here in Delaware County we have some of the earliest sites and buildings in our nation. Your program gets students interested in learning about and preserving this history for future generations. It works. Students at our school raised money over a two year period to save the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia. This would not have happened if they had not been exposed to history and its importance through PPH. Because they had visited local sites and participated in hands-on projects through the program, history became a valuable commodity to them, valuable enough for them to forgo snack money to save an important national icon. I can’t think of a more valuable way to spend precious, limited funding than by bringing history alive for the next generation”- V. C., C. L., Aston Elementary


“I would like to thank you and those of DCHS in affording Matthew the opportunity to participate in the PPH program, and in sharing his devoted efforts. PPH has provided him the opportunity to visit, learn and appreciate the challenges and struggles endured by the early settlers. Each of the sites provided a valued experience and unique offering of history as it evolved during those earlier years…We extend our thanks and appreciation to you and those at DCHS for your dedication in making this program successful”- Lloyd, Home School Participation

From Kids:

“I liked the Limber Jack because it dances on a board. You play with it by having a stick in its back, then you move it up and down and the Limber Jack dances! Colonial kids would love to play with it because they probably haven’t seen a dancing wooden man”-  Ryan


“Dear Ms Karyn- Thank you for coming to our class. We really enjoyed it. We liked when you came to tell us how to make a five-point star. Many of us still have our stars up. We also thank you for bringing in the items in the bag. We also liked how you showed us how to make corn husk dolls. We are thrilled that you were able to come to our school”- Mrs. Liadom’s class


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